How To Play Nopokeo
It's Easy

The idea of the game is simple

Decide what number you are going to play up to

Each person takes it in turn to try and find a number that has not already been used

If that number is free then it, and the number either side of it are taken out of the game

For Example: If a player chooses 4, then 3, 4 & 5 are out of play, got it?

If your numbers gone you're out!

So, click Play and then...

Choose your number of players

Choose the number you are playing up to, the higher the number the harder it is

Enter your names, or leave blank to be called Player 1,Player 2,...

Start the game and follow the instructions at the top of the screen

Choose a number you think is free

Keep playing and remembering which numbers have gone until one person is left in, the Winner

If you think there are no free numbers left then click the Nopokeo button to win double points
Be careful though, if there are any free numbers left, you're out!



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